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Cap Sheets & Faced Material

Additional insulation materials can either come attached to other forms of insulation to create a faced material or can be installed separately in the form of what is commonly referred to as a cap sheet. Facing materials and cap sheets come in a variety of compositions. Some are composed entirely of foil, while others may be a combination of foil, polyester, polypropylene film, kraft paper, and other materials.

Common Applications

Faced material and cap sheets are most commonly used as barriers between other insulation and living or working areas. Some of them can even be left exposed in certain applications. The material designed to be left exposed comes in multiple colors and may have decorative finishes.

Performance & Properties

Depending on the type installed, these insulation materials can have fire retardant properties, help prevent corrosion and mold growth, and aid the thermal performance of your insulation. Some faced material and cap sheets act as vapor barriers, which reduce the rate at which water vapor can move through a material.

Benefits of installing faced material and cap sheets:

  • act as a vapor barrier
  • fire retardant properties
  • aesthetic properties when left exposed
  • can help prevent corrosion and mold growth
  • aid the thermal performance of other insulation

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